Finding a solution

If your property is suffering from high water bills or from low incoming water pressure this could be caused by a leak in your water supply pipe. Using qualified water engineers EML claims are able to attend your property and complete a full leak detection investigation. On completion a full report is compiled along with all recommendations to lower bills and increase flow rates.

EML CLAIMS are able to provide a no cost quote for all of the below services:

  • Leak detection including acoustic testing, correlation testing, gas testing and pipe tracing.
  • Spot repairs to existing supplies.
  • Whole new water pipe supply installs using the latest MDPE pipe work to replace old lead and steel pipes using latest moling techniques.
  • Full re-route of your water supply pipe to prevent costly internal enabling works if leaks located internally under your property.
  • WIAPS approved water engineers.
  • Increased diameter water supply pipe replacements to increase flows commonly installed when fitting a mega flow.
  • None invasive repairs
  • Advice on rebates from local water authority’s for completing water supply replacements